Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bespoke tailoring

 Growing up in California, 20 minutes away from the beach, i'm used to seeing guys in flip flops, baggy shorts, and surf t-shirts. Almost hours after stepping foot in london, i quickly realize that California men wear the wrong size clothes.  I rarely see A guy in Orange County dressed in fitted clothes, let alone a suit.  Coming here, I see that men in Suits are everywhere. Wether the suit is lined with a gorgeous colored paisley print, or paired with a pink tie, they are always beautiful fitted and crafted to perfection.  After spending the last three days walking down Saville row, visiting the office of Thom Sweeney,     
and tomorrow, going to the Victoria & Albert Museum Bespoke tour, my lack of knowledge for mens ware has blossomed into a love and appreciation for beautifully crafted suits. 

"A suit does not make a man, it makes the difference" -Susan Coleman

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